Here Are 4 Ways WE Can Start Working Together:

1.You want to kick off your next innovative product.

2.Partner opportunities for  your company or start-up.

3.Develop a business growth plan and sales strategy.

4.Need a life integration coach.

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Who is Angel?

Serial Entrepreneur
Real Estate Investor
Life Integration Coach
Mental Performance Author
Podcast Co-Host

Infinity Skies

We work with you to develop your next innovative product.

Design Kitchen

Get inspired to innovate with the latest podcast episodes.

Sculpted Coaching

Integrate health, wealth, and relationships for a more fulfilling life.

Angel is an entrepreneur, and engineer who can connect the different worlds.


Let’s connect today. Whether you have a high-level technical project, want to work together to synchronize your life to create your perfect work-life situation, or simply want me to speak at an event; please reach out to me for more.


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